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With this unique Internet traffic encryption software you can surf the Internet being fully
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20 June 2015

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For doing different activities on internet you need to change the IP address every time. Now you can have a better and easier solution to this problem, SmartHide 2.0.49 software. It provides you the dynamic feature of hiding the IP address completely so that no more hacking, or any such related problems arise. It has an easy to work on user interface and simpler options that let you perform the task without any difficulty.

Getting the SmartHide 2.0.49 software downloaded and installed is not time taking process as the program size is not much large. The screen starts with the settings to select the aspects you want to work with. The soothing colors of the screen give it decent appearance. It has various option all placed differently on the screen. To start up with you can make yourself visible and then make the selections. You can choose the ‘Settings’, ‘Log’ or ‘Help’ options. You need not to run the program every time you start the computer as you can have the program run automatically every time the window starts up. You can easily enable or disable the other features for Disconnection Notification and for Reconnecting. To make it personalized you can have the language changed for the program. Make the selection for the IP address and you also need to create a login ID and Password. Like the entire internet IDs you can have the problem sought out if you forgot your password or you’re having trouble in logging in. When you’re done with selection of the settings then you simply need to ‘Apply Settings’. If you don’t want to hide the IP address then you can change it every time you want. Take the help of the guide whenever required for any kind of problem.

The software works faster and increases security and saves your identity so it has been assigned 4 rating points. It is trouble free to work on with and constitutes of features that are easy to use.

Publisher's description

SmartHide is a WiFi Security and Internet Traffic Encryption software that is simple in use and very powerful in its security services. SmartHide provides users with whole new levels of functionality including WiFi security, Internet traffic encryption and more.
It is a unique service that helps Internet users to protect their private information and safeguard themselves while using the Internet. A wide range of servers all over the World, Personal and Shared IPs, Port Forwarding, a high level of Internet traffic encryption, Windows and Mac OS compatibility and high quality tech support - all of these features make SmartHide the best among its competitors.
Only one click is required to start protecting your Internet data.
Version 2.4.369
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User comments

This is an amazing hide ip address software.

It can hide IP address in one mouse click for me.

I unblocked practical every blocked site that I have found.

In my country (United Arab Emirates) the authorities block many websites.

Recommend for everybody.

It is much much better than any proxy software on the Internet.
Absolute rubbish, I am the administrator on my PC yet it gave the message, "Smarthide can only be running on account with administrator privileges\". Then it dies. Even bad English. Probably wrote it in BASIC.
Its Working! Just one click and this software change my ip! Very good
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